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3 tips for discussing guardianship with elderly loved ones

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | Guardianships |

When your parents or loved ones age, you begin to have sensitive conversations, including guardianship. If you believe your elderly loved ones need a guardian, you need to inform them about it. However, this conversation may not be smooth because they may not share the same belief as you.

The following are three tips you can use:

Be compassionate

Even if your loved ones can agree they are unable to make some decisions on their own, you should be compassionate. Use statements that depict guardianship as a way of protecting them -not a necessity because they are incapable of doing things. 

Your loved ones would still want to have a sense of control over their lives. So, it will help to ask their opinions about how they want to approach the process if possible.

Choose a relaxed environment

Where you choose to have the conversation matters. You should consider a relaxed environment, such as at home in their favorite spot. When your elderly loved ones are calm, it can be easier for them to contribute to the conversation. Further, you can talk without distractions.

Pick the right time

When planning for a serious conversation with an elderly person, timing is everything. Research has shown that they are sharper in the morning than later in the day. Thus, this may be the best time to talk with them. They will be active enough to state their wishes. It may be unfruitful to have the discussion in the evening when they are tired and want to go to bed. 

These tips should guide you when talking to your elderly loved ones about guardianship. And when you are on the same page, you may need to get legal help to make the right moves.