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Can you make probate easier for your beneficiaries?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Probate |

Estate planning can be complicated due to its emotional and procedural aspects.  And this may also be the case with the probate process. Your loved ones may delay enjoying the protection you offered them due to a few hitches. Luckily, you can take a few steps to prevent this.

Here is how you can make probate easier for your beneficiaries:

Ensure your executor knows the location of your documents

When you die, your executor will take the will and other relevant documents to probate. Thus, always inform them of where you have put them to make their work more manageable.

You can keep your documents in a personal safe, a locked filing cabinet or with your lawyer.  If it’s necessary to keep them in a bank safety deposit box, your executor should also have permission to access it. Otherwise, the bank may deny them access, triggering more court hearings.

Avoid factors that can contribute to a contested estate

A will contest can make the probate process challenging for your loved ones. Thus, it will help to avoid any factors that may contribute to it, including: 

  • Lack of testamentary/mental capacity 
  • Undue influence 
  • Fraud or forgery 
  • Invalid execution 
  • Ambiguity, and so on

Your will should be clear and meet all legal requirements. However, if you meet all these and still suspect someone may contest it, include a no-contest clause.

Choose a reliable executor for your estate

The best way to make the probate process more manageable for your beneficiaries is by appointing a reliable executor. When an executor is informed and capable of fulfilling their duties, your loved ones are likely to have a smooth experience.

You can help your loved ones have an easy probate process. It can help to get legal guidance to make the right moves.