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Could assisted living benefit your aging parents?

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2022 | Estate Planning |

You and your family are extremely close. You meet multiple times per week and have dinner together every weekend. Your aging parents are a large part of this and you want this to remain the case.

Unfortunately, on your recent visits to the home of your parents, you’ve noticed a few changes. You think that they are struggling to take care of themselves. When might it be time to consider assisted living?

Have household chores become too much?

Your parents are extremely proud of their home, and it has always been immaculate. On your last visit, you noticed unwashed dishes, dust on the ceiling and general untidiness, which is not like them at all. If you’ve noticed this, then they will be aware of it too. They may simply no longer be able to keep up with the physical demands of cleaning a large house on their own. Having assistance with these types of tasks could actually make them much happier in the long run.

Has your parent become isolated?

Sadly, one aging parent often passes away, leaving the other to live on their own. This might be the case for your family. Your parents did everything together, and your remaining parent doesn’t really know anything else. They’ve started to become very lonely and more isolated as time passes. An assisted living facility could provide them with an opportunity to make friends and start enjoying life again.

It’s not easy knowing when your loved ones need help, or which type of help is available to them. You may have a parent who needs much more care than an assisted living facility can offer. Seeking some legal guidance will let you know how best to protect your aging parents.